Personal Testimonials about working with the Mayor of Wynwood


Hornitos Tequila Sauza Tequila


Andrew Choban,                                                   Associate Director, Social Media, Sapientrazorfish.


"I've been working with Sid for several years on spirits/cocktail clients such as Sauza Tequila, Hornitos Tequila, and Cruzan Rum. Sid is a pleasure to work with and is a master of his craft. With Sid's help and skills, we have been able to refresh the social and digital marketing presence for each of these clients and the results have been amazing. Increasing the quality of our content has increased our performance metrics across the board and the clients could not be happier with the results" 

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Sauza Tequila



Robyn Nagosky,                                                     Producer


Sid is my go-to food photographer in Miami. His extensive knowledge of food and alcohol specific photography is outstanding. Not only is every shot perfect down to the smallest details, but he is a riot to work with. When you shoot with Sid, you shoot with family!

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Santa Margherita

Victoria Perez-Carlotto,                                           Director of Marketing


I've hired Sid on several projects over the last 10 years and he's a delight to work with. His jobs are always on point, professional and fairly priced. Plus, he's fun to work with, you learn a ton and he's super quick.



Segura Viudas Cava

Heather Mulligan,                                                        Brand Manager  Segura Viudas Cava


“We worked with Sid for our Segura Viudas shoot.  He was so amazing, he really grinded it out for three days with us.  His energy was superb and we got really great end results”

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